12 Essential Items To Take On A Long Haul Flight With A Baby

12 Essential items to take on a long haul flight with a baby

Flying long haul with a baby – New Mum Samantha Crowe shares her experiences of 12 essential things to take on a long haul flight with a 3 month old baby.

Newborn baby on a long haul flight!

Newborn baby on a long haul flight!

1. Car seat and pram base

We have a Maxi Cosi car seat that clicks into a Bugaboo pram base. The seat strapped into the hire car easily with a seat belt. This combination avoided any need to take a different pushchair, and was easy to get through security.

2. A strap to tie the base frame together

so it wouldn’t spring open in the hold – we bought a velcro luggage strap. We arranged at check in to take the buggy right to the door and we were even allowed to take the car seat to our seats – makes a difference if your baby is asleep so do ask

3. Carry on bag.

I have a second hand Pacapod bag. It’s a neat design as you can keep a change bag within it and have space for the other things.

4. Cellular blanket

– although blankets are on board, I thought a familiar smell might be more soothing. Blankets can double up as play mats while away.

5. Grow bag

– In actual fact he was fine in the basinet with a blanket but it gave us the option

6. Change of clothes times three

I used the worst day we’d ever had for changes as a benchmark for a 10 hour flight. As you have such little room in the toilets take baby grows and vests as it’s the easiest thing to change. Our baby also started off in a baby grow.

7. Change bag

Over estimate your nappies in case of delays. About a week before I set aside a pack of wipes that was half used, it was plenty for the flight, kept the bag lighter and freed up some space for other things.

8. Put creams into smaller containers and then into a plastic bag.

If you have them separately you can just pull them easily out of your carry-on at security

9. Dummies for take off and landing

(Our baby doesn’t use a dummy but it was advice I was given and good back up, and it could work for you)

10. Few small toys with different colours and textures

11. Calpol

– just in case

12. Spare change of clothes

Though I didn’t need it in the end, I took lycra leggings and a dress (easy to roll small), and bra in case I needed to change

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